Dungeon Tactics

Dungeon Tactics is an challenging retro game where you have to collect orbs while dodging enemies developed by Patrice Cervellin
Dungeon Tactics has been developed by Patrice Cervellin
Collect as many blue orbs as you can while dodging skeletons.
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Game Reviews

How do you do this!? Stupid skeletons....>:C
LV 1(6 years ago)
LV 10ayman(6 years ago)
awsome game
LV 8NaruBoy(6 years ago)
Very bad game..Doesn't deserve to be on GameShed.
LV 3TheSlenderMan(5 years ago)
quite easy to get gold!!!!
LV 3amazon(5 years ago)
easy game, the ones calling this stupid and a bad game are probably the same people who dont know how to play it and keep getting caught easy
LV 4MrWolfe(4 years ago)
this game is $ucks! it doesn't submit my score i got 2000+..!!
LV 13arcane(4 years ago)
Just because you can't play a puzzle game don't dis it. It isn't the most fun game I have played but if you like puzzle games, you might like it. I am going to play it some more.
LV 1Cherrylicious(4 years ago)
what a cute game
LV 19Metalmadness(6 years ago)
race is a hacker, and i really dont like these skeletons, they are mean! XD
LV 18Killjoy(6 years ago)