Atomic Creep Spawner

Atomic Creep Spawner is an retro dungeon keeper type of game developed by Sebastian Benard
Atomic Creep Spawner has been developed by Sebastian Benard
Ohh noooo! A human hero is trying to steal your money, destroy your doors and probably vandalize everything in your brand new dungeon. Invoke minions before he rampage everything in your dungeon! Invocation consumes anger, which regenerates slowly or when the hero does things you dislike.
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Game Reviews

Really challenging but who doesn't like a good challenge?
LV 13mark_91(5 years ago)
that was really short....
LV 4Ecrozz(5 years ago)
That was an interesting concept with some fun game play but only 2 levels? Lol at creating endless loops of treasure chest too.
LV 1xhanort7(4 years ago)
challenging? I think not! X3 i like it
LV 9irina(5 years ago)