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Pretty neat and also quite challenging!
I do think it's a clever game however the duck is just so slow and keeps getting caught on the objects in the park such as bushes. Also for those who don't know the controls (I had to figure them out by smashing my keyboard) Q is quack - to call out to the ducklins, W - Inventory, E - for more information and interaction. and ENTER to get rid of text and select objects in your inventory. Hope that helps
I like how the ducks only have one leg... hahahahah
Game kept freezing at random points. No way is this a good game!
WHAT ARE THE CONTROLS OF THIS GAME! im stuck talking to the bluejay :(
rate 1 too confusing
i'm with ANGEL107, this game freezes up on me, tried to play it three times, re-loaded it, even stole my neighbor's wifi because they had a stronger signal. freeze freeze freeze. if it didn't freeze so much it'd be an excellent game. but i have ONE window open, and it's still going all haywire on me.
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This Game Stinks Big Time!