The Manor of the Strange

The Manor of the Strange is an isometric puzzle-based horror adventure game developed by TaldiusGames
The Manor of the Strange has been developed by TaldiusGames
You were sent to a notorious manor to investigate the unexplained disappearance of it's inhabitants but something goes wrong along the way and you find yourself caught up in a disturbing story.
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Game Reviews

A clever, well designed and aesthetically pleasing game. You have the answer to every puzzle in the palm of your hand, but must use it wisely, or ... well, you'll see.
LV 4RamenNoodleLord(5 days ago)
LOVE LOVE LOVE THE GRAPHICS HOPE U LIKE THEM 2 hope gamshed make more games with graphis like this
LV 3ruby(3 days ago)
i am first. 1 comment
LV 7SilentKiller(19 days ago)