Sins of Daisy

Sins of Daisy is an horror-themed detective game with rpg elementsqq developed by ZeroDigitZ
Sins of Daisy has been developed by ZeroDigitZ
Fallow in the footsteps of detective Quinn and solve the case behind the mysterious deaths of three high school girls from a small town named Foxwood. The girls were found dead inside the home of one of the girls and Police believes that the girls killed themselves in a suicide pact.
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Game Reviews

One of the best horror-themed rpg on this site yet!
LV 8broco(2 months ago)
I love this game, amazing story AND the riddles really tripped me. I WANT TO SEE ANOTHER SINS OF DAISY 2
LV 3MadPandaINC(1 month ago)
Awesome game!
LV 1Nikodemus(1 month ago)
liked- absolutely best game ever played so far on this website omg!!! still can not believe this is true story so sad :((
LV 5Tr1ckst3r(19 days ago)