Game Reviews

Mr.T was muurrrddeerreedd!!! *bgm* DUN DUN DUN..!!!
LV 15WildTrickst3r(4 years ago)
the most easy game ever.
LV 7henleyjames(4 years ago)
Such a lovly smelly bird. Smelly bird smlly bird, what arethey feeding you? Why the hell does he want to know that o3o
LV 8EvilUnicornMaster(4 years ago)
I really really love the humor in this game. It was pretty interesting and funny and kept me entertained the whole while..just like a good game should! Good job man! 5/5
LV 8psyborgrey(4 years ago)
was mr.T drowned by the murrrrdddddeerrrrreeerrrrrr *bgm* dun dun dun quite sensible humor of the game creator lol
LV 2bloodymary07(3 years ago)
rate 4 absolutley couldnt get this game any better than it was MUURRDEEERR omg too funny
LV 5Tr1ckst3r(10 months ago)
looks like someone was planning a barbeque or a murder *dun dun dun* XD Iove how he goes like looks like he was drowned to death - no shit sherlock
LV 3IcecreamXsweetness(4 years ago)
murdered!!!*dun dun dun* xD
LV 4em17(4 years ago)
wow weird but good game
LV 2Zohask(4 years ago)
best game ever! seriously! it's mysterious, and funny!
LV 1InjectedNeedle(4 years ago)