Sherlock Holmes: The Teashop Murder Mystery

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Sherlock Holmes: The Teashop Murder Mystery is an fun online detective game developed by Caramel Games
Sherlock Holmes: The Teashop Murder Mystery has been developed by Caramel Games
Someone has murdered Mr.T, the owner of some local tea shop and it's to up our famous detective, Mr. Sherlock Holmes to find the criminal. Looks like Mr. T was drowned in a big cup of tea in his own tea shop.
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Game Reviews

Mr.T was muurrrddeerreedd!!! *bgm* DUN DUN DUN..!!!
LV 15WildTrickst3r(3 years ago)
was mr.T drowned by the murrrrdddddeerrrrreeerrrrrr *bgm* dun dun dun quite sensible humor of the game creator lol
LV 2bloodymary07(2 years ago)
Such a lovly smelly bird. Smelly bird smlly bird, what arethey feeding you? Why the hell does he want to know that o3o
LV 8EeveeChan(3 years ago)
looks like someone was planning a barbeque or a murder *dun dun dun* XD Iove how he goes like looks like he was drowned to death - no shit sherlock
LV 3IcecreamXsweetness(3 years ago)
I really really love the humor in this game. It was pretty interesting and funny and kept me entertained the whole while..just like a good game should! Good job man! 5/5
LV 8psyborgrey(3 years ago)
the most easy game ever.
LV 7henleyjames(3 years ago)
wow just finished in 03:15 hope quite fast
LV 2bloodymary07(2 years ago)
Woohoo completed in 9.03 minutes and the first post
LV 5Ravenyam(3 years ago)
wow weird but good game
LV 2Zohask(3 years ago)
murdered!!!*dun dun dun* xD
LV 4em17(3 years ago)