Myosotis Chapter 2

Myosotis Chapter 2 is an point and click detective game developed by ImpendingRiot
Myosotis Chapter 2 has been developed by ImpendingRiot
In the second part of the game our detective, Rick finds his true love lying dead before his eyes. Beside her a box flashes suspiciously while the words of a blank-faced scientist literally hang in the air: "You can still save her."
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Game Reviews

I love this game :3 Must admit, the puzzles were quite easy, apart from the remorse one.
I waited a century for the game to start .....i was hopping for it to be the perfect game ...but NOOOO ...why would it be ...IT WAS A FAIL ...i mean its a nice game ...but after u wait as much as i did every game seems like Winnie the Pooh .... this is the part when WiFi says "HAH i showed u whos the boss"
I love this so much :')
well it bored me.
obnoxiously laggy...
this game blows. .
rate 3 interesting but not everyone is good at time
i love the music! so much ...........i want my live back!