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you may be pleased to know you dont actually need ANY of the silver coins to beat the game or get the badge. :) nice series.
LV 19Mitte(3 years ago)
For those having a hard time, when you get to the statue with the buttons on Theon Street, you push the first little button first, then the third, then the second and you'll get a piece of paper with runes on it.
LV 6Gunslinger(3 years ago)
LV 2codiepie2014(3 years ago)
Awesome game! Not too easy & not too hard :D
LV 8Gry1(2 years ago)
very good again - more please 8/10
LV 5capzed(2 years ago)
Awesome series of games! Can't wait for the next one. :D
LV 2nubaseline(2 years ago)
I love games that make you think. AWESOME!!!!!!!!!
LV 4DarkSyn(1 year ago)
Ok so im not 100% sure how i got the piece of paper from the statue but it's worth a shot for those who need help. press the second on to move the middle dile (if not it's the third) you move it until it had the symbol that was on the piece of paper that's on the ground. have that symbol under the arrow on the top layer. press the first button until the arrow is on the bottom. then whichever one didn't move the second layer moves the middle and you move that to i think the morning (normal light blue sky). have that facing down with the rest. When done press big button. if im wrong thats ok the only part you need to change is the middle so keep moving it and clicking the big button until it gives you the paper. hope this helps <3
LV 5DaAweSomeFreakz(1 year ago)
found all 20 coins and got the key haha i loved it Ï love you rabbit"xD
LV 4YouruChan(3 years ago)
Takes a while to load. Otherwise, worth a play.
LV 11savvypirate(2 years ago)