Kingdom of Liars Part 2

Kingdom of Liars Part 2 is an adventure point and click flash game with detectives developed by Hyptosis
Kingdom of Liars Part 2 has been developed by Hyptosis
Our lives are lies are arrows loosed from the bow. We must fly true before we strike.
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Game Reviews

Gray Elk Library Click the arrow at the bottom right corner to leave the Gray Elk Library and move to the lobby. Lobby Speak with Captain Whelek who is standing at the foot of the stairs. He'll instruct you to go to City Hall Click the arrow in the bottom right corner in this room as well to enter the training barracks. Training Barracks Take the pair of SHACKLE-CUFFS hanging on the wall to the right of the sword. Pick up the ENCHANTED ELK HORN on top of the barrel. Go back to the lobby, then click the arrow at the lower left corner to leave the building and view the town map. Click the City Hall point on the map to travel there Front of City Hall Talk to Vic'eren once you arrive. He'll be following you from now on. Click the right arrow to move behind city hall. Behind City Hall Click Warren to speak with him. After your conversation, he'll leave the scene Pick up the PAPER on top of the manhole on the ground. Examine the sewer drain at the bottom of the right wall. The grate is bolted down; you'll need to come back later with a tool to remove it. Back away from the grate, then talk to Vic'eren again. Move back twice to view the town map. Click the Dock Storehouse point on the map to travel there Click the worker ants to make Vic'eren speak with them. Now you can pick up the WRENCH leaning against the barrels at the right side of the room. Leave the room to view the town map. Return to the City Hall. Front of City Hall Click the right arrow to go behind city hall. Behind City Wall Take a look at the sewer drain at the bottom of the right wall again. Use the WRENCH to remove the bolts from the drain, allowing you to go down into the sewer. Sewer Click the two valves at the middle of the pipes against the left wall and right wall to shut off the flowing sewage that's blocking the path. Click the left arrow to venture further into the sewers. Into the Darkness Speak with the rat on the left, Pikker. He'll demand a blue dress from you Exit the sewer and then leave City Hall to view the town map again. Click the Grimes Street point on the map to travel there.Grimes Street Click the right arrow to walk to the burned tavern. Burned Tavern Click the right arrow again for a closer look at the burned down building. Take the PRYBAR beside the wheel atop the pile of rubble. Go back three times to leave Grimes Street and view the town map. Click the Right Street point on the map to travel there.Right Street Click the left arrow to enter the bazaar of CourBoyn the Merchant. Bazaar of CourBoyn the Merchant Speak with CourBoyn the Merchant to receive a BLUE DRESS. Exit the shop and leave Right Street to view the town map again. Use the map to go back to City HallFront of City Hall Walk behind the building, go down the drain into the sewer, then move left to return to the two rats. Into the Darkness Give the BLUE DRESS to Pikker. In exchange, he'll give you directions to the exit. Click the left arrow to walk to the door. Sewer Door Use the ENCHANTED ELK HORN on the door to view the magic rune puzzle keeping it locked.Examine the PAPER in your inventory. Click the small runes to match the pattern on the door with the image on the PAPER. Select the runes in following order to solve the puzzle: Click the far right rune. Click the middle rune. Click the second rune from the right Once the puzzle is solved, you'll go through the opened door and into the room. Sewer Room Search the toolbox to find a SCREWDRIVER. Use the PRYBAR on the bomb strapped to the ceiling to disarm it. Use the SCREWDRIVER to remove the gate blocking the ladder. Climb up the ladder to enter the kitchen. Kitchen When you enter the room, you'll find a manservant who refuses to let you leave through the kitchen door. Restrain him with the SHACKLE-CUFFS you picked up at the Hernessian Headquarters. Go forward to the hall. Hall Speak with Captain Whelek, the person standing stationary at the left side of the area. Inspect the statue at the back of the scene. Nothing important there, but if you back away from the statue, a new path will appear. Go up the right stairway. ENJOY!!..
LV 5dildhakdhaking(4 years ago)
I always enjoy work from Hyptosis.
LV 4DoctorLace(4 years ago)
LV 1Reconsniper64(4 years ago)
really good game
LV 2Zohask(4 years ago)
cool game.... Lorestrome should create more games.... but more challenging. I love a good challenge. lol
LV 4roseflame19(4 years ago)
i like the music
LV 12nightsblood(9 months ago)
Pretty Cool Game! I enjoyed it. The puzzles were fun.
LV 7SpeedFreak1992(4 years ago)
rate 3 not bad quite interesting story
LV 5Tr1ckst3r(1 year ago)
i like the blue elfe amor
LV 6TheEpicFlyingPancake(11 months ago)
Esis makes her mark...
LV 19Esis(11 months ago)