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walkthrough : 1) click the drawer to get a screwdirver and use it on the doors lock 2) click on the brake of the train 3) go left and talk to your captain, then leave the library 4) go into the training barracks and take the magic horn and the handcuffs 5) leave the headquarter and go to the "right street" 6) take the crowbar (next to the 3 barrels) and leave 7) go to "grimes street" and take the shovel on the right side 8) go right to the burned tavern and talk to wilcock 9) go into the ruins of the tavern and click the bar in the right corner 10) take the golden coin and go back to the ruins 11) click the crate and use your crowbar to open it 12) examine the mold and go back to wilcock and talk with him 13) head back to your headquarter and talk to the captain 14) go back to the world map and go to the new location (alchemist's shop) 15) take the blue scissor on the left side and then talk to borynn 16) go back to the world map and travel to "grimes street" 17) talk to shribryn 18) leave to the world map and travel to the new location (warehouse) 19) take the key between the dead guards 20) use your screwdriver on the door 21) use the key on the doors lock 22) use the shovel behind the knifes on the right side 23) use the scissor on the wire at the left side (above the TNT) 24) use the crowbar on the bottom of the door 25) use your coin on the gears in the right upper corner 26) click on the upper side of the door to open it 27) use your handcuffs on the robot 28) you've beaten the game
LV 19Metalmadness(4 years ago)
I love the connection among these games , Hood , This one and I bet there is a connection with Stonepath too.
LV 1(3 years ago)
sometimes i really dont know wut to do but i just go everywhere over and over again and then i finally know wut to do then im like HELL YEAH :3
LV 8EvilUnicornMaster(4 years ago)
Relly awesome game
LV 8MadSaveges1000(3 years ago)
Awesome game and can't wait to play next part
LV 8MadSaveges1000(3 years ago)
love how they keep the same storyline
LV 6TheEpicFlyingPancake(9 months ago)
cool series
LV 12nightsblood(2 years ago)
i like the music
LV 12nightsblood(6 months ago)
This game was good!
LV 7SpeedFreak1992(3 years ago)
can't wait for part 3!!! Nice game :D
LV 1mhing3(4 years ago)