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Here are the solutions for all riddles : riddle 1 : press the first symbol 1 time, the second 2 times, the thrid 1 time, the fourth 2 times and the last one 3 times ,, the cube riddle : press the symbols on the bottom in this order : 1 5 2 4 3 and then press on the big triangle ,, the door riddle : the first and second panel must show the 3 arrows that show upwards, the third panel must show the three stars, the fourth one must show three dots, the fifth one must show the tree (an I with an O on the top) and the last one must show stars
how the heck do you get the 'dog with two bones' badge? I can't seem to be able to get it...
i found a total of 3 diggable holes for artifacts, if that helps. one is on the first screen. i then got the archeologist badge after beating the game, along with the last 2 badges
well, for those who confuse about the badge, this is my thoughts. first badge is u do lie to the demon for unlock the box. second badge is u must die first at ceiling crusher things then continue, like MITTE said. third badge is do like what MITTE said by digging. fourth badge is u need to choose "take the fire by force" when u want fire from flame spirit. fifth badge is fight with demon to unlock the box. sixth badge save the girl. correct me if i wrong about this. have fun.
i think you have to let the ceiling crush you to get the 2nd badge.
how do you get the 1st badge... -T^T0 i got all the badges except the first one.
I love these detective games
i love this little game
i liked it BUT cannot get / use the shovel man badge? i have read reviews and played all suggestions / i dig up 3 artefacts one after the other / finish the game and again no badge / tried all walkthroughs / none show any digging FRUSTRATED! can anybody please HELP .
I love Lorestrome games and I hope to see more of this developer in the future.
rate 2 not much for it and it also bit too hard
this last game you can be way more brutal
this game was way morebrutal game play compared to the first 3 Hood episodes
Esis makes her mark...