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Walkthrough : go inside the metal fish and walk to the end where you find a console ,, press the buttons in the left corner in this order : 2 3 5 4 then press the little green button when the light is between the 2 arrows ,, leave the metal fish and go to the left when you're outside ,, take the apple on the tree and use your knife to cut it open ,, go back to the metal fish and go into the right direction till you find an imp with a nail in his head ,, give him the teeth you found inside the apple and he'll give you a metal piece ,, go back into the metal fish and put the metal piece into the console you opened ,, leave the metal fish and go left again ,, click into the water to get the second metal piece ,, put it into the console and leave again ,, on the way outside 2 metal arms will appear ,, put your knife between them ,, now leave and you should meet a robot outside of the metal fish ,, use your hammer on him and trade it for the last metal piece .. go back inside and put the last piece into the console ,, now if you go back you will find a blue computer screen in the floor of the metal fish ,, click it and select "what happened here?" ,, after you finished your chat with the computer go outside ,, a cutscene appears -> you've beaten the game, i hope i could help you a bit
LV 19Metalmadness(4 years ago)
anyone know what the blue lettering that fashes on the screen says?
LV 7AnotherGirlGamer(4 years ago)
great game! cant wait for part 3!
LV 1(6 years ago)
Great Game! ^.^
LV 1(6 years ago)
Very good but still too easy.
LV 5Geminate(6 years ago)
love the background music sounds kinda empty but full of it.
LV 7FRIGHTNIGHT(6 years ago)
great game good atmosphere great story line keepz you wanting to play fairly eazy to get tthru you just have to look around and think and click and just try stuff make sure you talk to everyone
LV 3BluePanda420(3 years ago)
Getting better and better. (:
LV 5heartstopp3r(3 years ago)
"The contents of this vase smell like... dead D:" xD That made me snort.
LV 4EeliacYnnek(2 years ago)
nice game
LV 10Fighter(2 years ago)