Dream of Murder

Dream of Murder is an creepy point and click detective game developed by PastelGames
Dream of Murder has been developed by PastelGames
You have been sent to investigate an murder which took place somewhere outside the town. The body of the victim lies in the trunk of a car that crashed off the highway. Use your detective skills to find who is behind this horrible murder.
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Game Reviews

Really easy game, but has good plot.
LV 4seelenernte(5 years ago)
I'm Stuck....
LV 2TheScarletGamer96(5 years ago)
This game is great, but it could be better.
LV 6whatevergirl55(5 years ago)
need some help and it a good game
LV 9vincent23(5 years ago)
Loved it! -A definite favorite :D
LV 8Gry1(5 years ago)
It's a fun game, can't find the damn scissors.
LV 6Jenk(5 years ago)
I really love these kinds of games! To those who are skimming the comments(I do it too!), I really recommend at least trying this out. I personally love it, so please don't hate on my opinion.
LV 1softballdude21(4 years ago)
it was awesome! :D loved the plot. was a bit sad because it was because of WW1 or WW2. but it's kewl. C; you should play it. ;D
LV 1Diablo_Mercy(5 years ago)
Good but too slow in the developing of the story
LV 1Tank13x(5 years ago)
A good game, I liked it. A little tricky in a few spots for me but otherwise easy and fun.
LV 6jerseygirl0226(4 years ago)