Covert Front 2

Covert Front 2 is an atmospheric point and click spy/detective game with challenging puzzles and strong and mysterious st developed by Mateusz Skutnik
Covert Front 2 has been developed by Mateusz Skutnik
After infiltrating in Karl von Toten's mansion, our detective Kara, finds herself in what appears to be an water canal network. With nothing but a pair of matches, she must find a way out of this miserable place and head to the headquarters.
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Game Reviews

in the pic they guy in te middle had the hair of hitler.... don't u guys thing... yes?? then like it
LV 4greatbeast(5 years ago)
This game is awesome but i got boring for 15 mins.
LV 1nadyfilla(5 years ago)
rate 3 not bad i love games like this
LV 5Tr1ckst3r(1 year ago)