Alone in Pico

Alone in Pico is an remake of the classic horror game Alone in the dark developed by Nusan
Alone in Pico has been developed by Nusan
A game inspired from the classic horror game 'Alone in the dark'. Choose your character and explore the house searching for clues about the suspicious suicide.
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Game Reviews

Pretty cool game. Got confused on the giant hole and decided to take a break. But all that aside, great game, I love the feeling of nostalgia it gave me. Kinda like a snes or n64 vibe.
LV 1Tissuegang(21 days ago)
Hate the control scheme
LV 11savvypirate(21 days ago)
This is quite a de-make of the original, why did they even bother? Go get the original on GOG otherwise you are wasting your time trying to play this monstrosity.
LV 5Geminate(21 days ago)
welp this would of never startewd IF THERE WAS NO SUCIDAL PPPL
LV 3ruby(21 days ago)