Terra God

Terra God is an fantasy tower defense flash game with a few twists developed by Olev Sachenko
Terra God has been developed by Olev Sachenko, Evgeny Grisakov & Vladimir Lopatin
The battle for the Earth has begun! Build defense towers and fight the invaders using your unique abilities and spells. Each new tower expands the build area. Make sure not to build your defenses near the enemy towers. The battles will take place in the friendly forests, the cold and harsh mountains and the enemy territories, the Demonlands.
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great game
LV 8Rammstein123(6 years ago)
LV 1ted420(6 years ago)
cool ghamme
LV 2aaa12345678(6 years ago)
yay first to comment
LV 7saadmansuri(6 years ago)
nice 1 **
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