Game Reviews

I Love This Game It Is Fun And Addicting
this game is the funnest game ever lol
its a good game but gets hard
its a coo gaebut takes hell lot of patience
its so addicting!!!!!!! XD
this game is soo edicting
I like dis game :I its not best,and not the worst
hoew to play this,,, i dont knowe
I thought this game was fun in a way but after a while it got to difficult for me and quit cause the red things started irritating me, I liked this but i'm not that into defense games so people that are will probably like it more than i did, but it was not that bad of a game.
send this on 5 game comments and then log off and then log on and press f5 and you will have 1000 points
forgot to submit score D:
first it is shitty easy then boom shitty hard boooooooooooooring