Doom Siege

Doom Siege is an 3d tower defense game developed by Burning Pyramid
Doom Siege has been developed by Burning Pyramid
Build towers and upgrade them to prevent the enemies from reaching your castle. To build a tower select the tower icon in the bottom left corner. This will allow you to view a list of available towers. Towers cost resources which can be viewed on the top right. Upgrading towers is also very important, to upgrade a tower simply select a tower that has already been build and look to the lower right. A tool-tip will pop up, and if you have enough resources, select the visible upgrade icon. To change perspective, move the camera using the joystick in the bottom right corner.

Game Reviews

well this game......... is totally fawked i didn't like it... and i don't think its something nice to play..... UNFAIRRRR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Great graphics. But why does the game finish so quickly?