Short and Sweet

Short and Sweet is an short point and click game with creepy developed by Sour Apple Studios
Short and Sweet has been developed by Sour Apple Studios
Beware of the strangers you meet, especially those with a treat. If you don't know their names, don't play their sick games or they may cut your life...
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Game Reviews

this game is super smart! always never trust strangers or pepole you dont know!!!
LV 1NatalieIsNotOnFire(30 days ago)
Is there any other games like this one where you have to use your mind and truly focus as well?? this was truly one amazing game
LV 4ZionBaby(17 days ago)
lol im just gonna dab on the haters
LV 3ruby(17 days ago)
i liked every ppl comments that has that has thumbs down and who care if ppl say 1 2 3
LV 3ruby(3 days ago)
This game is funny yet horrifying!!
LV 1Dorky1Babe(26 days ago)
This game is fantastic! I just wish it wasn't so short :(
LV 1BeccaFire386(29 days ago)
first !!!1
LV 7SilentKiller(1 month ago)
LV 1VORTEX1(1 month ago)
THIRD XD \(*3*)/
LV 3ruby(1 month ago)