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The art is pretty :) The music, however, gets a bit annoying after a while (especially the hissing loop in the underground palace) As for the interaction part: the puzzles are all right, I suppose. I got a little muddled up after a while, trying to find items and clues; but what can I say, that's just me :P
LV 5HappySunFlow(5 years ago)
good game, just annoying sounds.
LV 657lovergirl(5 years ago)
The art work is sooo unique and pretty. Sometimes made it hard to see objects and the spaces they fit into, but other than that, it was a great game (:
LV 4TheLois5(5 years ago)
Good game .
LV 9Rezvaneh(5 years ago)
LV 5SUCHARITA(5 years ago)
I like the mosaic style artwork and the tribal music wasn't terrible either, I did notice some lapses in the screens when I'd give certain prompts ( like when it would go to a cutscene with the character in it that it would freeze and I'd have to leave the room and come back to proceed ), otherwise, great job!
LV 1City0rdinance(5 years ago)
rate 1 no lies yea, i do love how its been created and the music is great but it dosent help much when you cant fin what you should click on
LV 5Tr1ckst3r(1 year ago)
Games this good are hard to find. I would recommend this to everyone.
LV 5Geminate(4 years ago)
Too much color. Hurts my head. :/
LV 1(5 years ago)
I didn't like it :(
LV 5Princess0Nour(5 years ago)