Game Reviews

Awesome game!
LV 8MadSaveges1000(2 years ago)
Everyone keeps grassing me up to the police XD
LV 3MoonbirdGamer(2 years ago)
I love the game but I hate it when I turn sound off and it turns back on automatically.
LV 3MoonbirdGamer(2 years ago)
i keep getting busted!!! fudge!!! cool game
LV 10EndlessNight178(4 months ago)
Its a pretty good should make games like this (I also like the song whenever you entered the bathroom though It reminds of me a really old horror story)
LV 1ZVENRAGON(1 year ago)
i killed everyone and nothing happened!
LV 6Bearkiller(10 months ago)
Every time you kill someone another is arrested, so its not as bad as it looks. Great game though.
LV 30123(4 months ago)
cool game )))
LV 10003333(2 years ago)
I killed everyone. Now what?
LV 8BobbyParkhurst(2 years ago)
They all snitched on me!
LV 4TheExecutor(2 years ago)