Party Hard

Party Hard is an stealth killing game with retro graphics developed by Pinokl Games
Party Hard has been developed by Pinokl Games
Stab all the people from the party without being caught in the act. If that happens find a empty room to hide from the police and let someone else take the blame. There are 29 possible victims so take your time.
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Game Reviews

i keep getting busted!!! fudge!!! cool game
I love the game but I hate it when I turn sound off and it turns back on automatically.
Everyone keeps grassing me up to the police XD
i like it when they scream
It's difficult but its fun.
Its a pretty good game...you should make games like this (I also like the song whenever you entered the bathroom though It reminds of me a really old horror story)
It is pretty awesome, but I keep getting caught! hmmm...i need to work on my k.ill.ing skills....
One game that actually suits me..!
I like the game, but there seems to be glitch. After you've killed maybe 8 people, when you try to kill someone, they run and report you.
Every time you kill someone another is arrested, so its not as bad as it looks. Great game though.
i loveeeeee this gameee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
i killed everyone and nothing happened!
just finished k.ill.ing everybody but nothing happens it just keeps on going with no one else to k.ill
I love the game!