Game Reviews

Great game. It is not too hard and not too easy to solve. The morbid humor and the art style is also nice. In my opinion, that makes this game unique from other point and click games. 5/5
LV 19Metalmadness(3 years ago)
Wonderful game :) !!!! The title means "Dead Fishes" in greek ( <3 ) and its quite challenging!!! 5/5
LV 9dexterous(3 years ago)
I cant make it past the giant cock-roach with the spiked club.....
LV 4KatPorter(3 years ago)
I love it it's so creative and has a very unique sense of humor. I also noticed that almost all of these characters has wanted something. Like "Give me something tasty" or "Make me perfect". I understand the odd sense of humor but I feel like whoever created this game, he or she was relating to real people in real life. But overall very nice game, and it looks as if Tim Burton made this game.
LV 1datcoolness(2 years ago)
This game's art style is amazing
LV 1Ghoulgrace(3 years ago)
This game is extremely awesome and unique. Likelikelike!
LV 3polardeer(3 years ago)
This is so awesome, my favorite game on this site next to The Last Door! The art style is perfect- sets the atmosphere and really draws you in. I'd say the puzzle difficulty is pretty fair, could be a little more difficult at times but then again I play puzzle games a lot... I hope Cockroach guy sticks around, a very useful and mysterious sidekick of sorts, I've really warmed up to him(it?) I'm really excited for part 2 ;)
LV 4MagpieKralj(3 years ago)
this game was perfect . so meaningful . I loved it .
LV 9Mr314(2 years ago)
This game is epic! I can't wait for part 2 :3
LV 3undyingUmbreon(2 years ago)
good game! is kinda easy but good all the same :P
LV 4BeyondBirthday(2 years ago)