Game Reviews

I didn't think it was creepy at all. More on the border of just plain strange
LV 11savvypirate(4 years ago)
Very trippy game(x
LV 10dianacx(4 years ago)
rate 1 tbh it was really confusing and couldnt really tell what i should be clicking
LV 5Tr1ckst3r(6 months ago)
I think it's a really nice game :) a bit weird anyway
LV 3aliBi(4 years ago)
nice easy and it was nt creepy game,,,,
LV 10saadia(4 years ago)
wow .. i finished it xD
LV 8Xlans(4 years ago)
at first it seems complicated but then you get used to it . you can easily beat the game . It wasn't creepy but was interesting . pm me if you got stuck . love y'all :) <3
LV 9Mr314(3 years ago)
very strange game and not creepy, beat it easily but not the easiest to find stuff
LV 1(4 years ago)