Horror House

Horror House is an horror themed 2d scrolling adventure game developed by Isaac Nite
Horror House has been developed by Isaac Nite & ChrisRats
A fun yet disturing puzzle-based horror game. A little girl is trapped in a creepy mansion and it's up to you to find the way out. Will you help her escape before her maniak daddy came back home?
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Game Reviews

One solution is: Get the bear trap and use it where the rat is in the room to kill it, once done, get the axe and go the hallway and hit the boarded room. There interact the girl and follow her until the father gets home.
LV 8Smol(1 year ago)
Second solution: Genocide. Kill everyone besides the father. The cat,the rat,the creature from the toilet, the doll, and the girl from the boarded room Third solution: Kill the father. Get the cat and give it to the doll, in return a shotgun. Get the bear trap and use it on the rat and use it again at the door of the room, use the shotgun after the father takes the bait, and afterwards use the axe as he will try to kill you.
LV 8Smol(1 year ago)
Interesting, there are at least three solutions.
LV 5Geminate(2 years ago)
I have only been able to get the ending where I kill the girl, and then father picks me up and hugs me. I totally don't know what to do. lol
LV 9moterthemomo(2 years ago)
Made up titles: Walkthrough: ENDING 1: KILL ALL EVIL 1. sleep 2. go into hall 3. Grab beartrap 4. go to rat room and kill rat 5. take beartrap and place in front of spiked rug 6. Go to rat room and grab axe 7. wait for clock to chime 8. get ready 9. kill guy 20. go to beartrap again 21. hold doll END 2: GENOCIDE 6. Grab axe 7. go to bathroom and kill monster 8. breakdown the door and kill girl 9. Kill doll in bedroom 10. kill cat 11. go to dad. ENDING 3: HEAVENLY HOME 9. Grab axe 10. go to hall and break door 11. wait and talk to girl 12. kill monster 13. wait in hall CHOOSE YOUR ENDING.
LV 3Raven5577(8 months ago)
i like this game
LV 3Ketchum(2 months ago)
Great game, but I'm quite stuck.I haven't been able to get any of the endings so far.
LV 4TVzilochan(2 years ago)
I killed everyone and he hugged me I'M SO CONFUSED
LV 1Dorky1Babe(9 months ago)
keep dying in the same trap over and over again. lol
LV 4nichessa(2 years ago)
very good game! I enjoyed it a lot!! ^v^
LV 1MidnightSoul666(1 year ago)