Deal with the Devil

Deal with the Devil is an arcade horror game based on a creepypasta story developed by Mikey Houser
Deal with the Devil has been developed by Mikey Houser
Do you have what it takes to gamble your soul for an unknown prize? Some believe that the prize is a long and fruitful life, other believe that it is simply walking away with what you started with. Still others are doubtful of even that.
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Game Reviews

stupid game
LV 11nightsblood(2 months ago)
infact the game is very boaring ....
LV 9Anonymousx(2 months ago)
@nightsblood its not stupid!!!
LV 1BunnyMan(2 months ago)
I Beat the Devil,Always choose salvation and divine.
LV 9NightWalker(2 months ago)
LV 5Tr1ckst3r(19 days ago)