Cube Escape: The Mill

Cube Escape: The Mill is an creepy point and click game developed by RustyLake Studios
Cube Escape: The Mill has been developed by RustyLake Studios
Another game of the popular creepy and surreal escape series from RustyLake Studios. This time the action takes place inside the residence of Mr. Crow whose mission is to find a way to start some strange contraption before the arrival of his mysterious guest. The game features some cryptic puzzles so be ready to kill a few neurons.
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Game Reviews

LV 1Roku(2 years ago)
i can't take a key in the box and what's the code?
LV 2farrah(2 years ago)
For those of you who can't get passed the first room because they can't pick up the key on the table: they "key" on the table in the box isn't a key, it's a key mold
LV 5BoxcutterJean(1 year ago)
Look up at roof oppisite of pole and burn web to get black key.
LV 3Ewood28623(1 month ago)
Complicated and stupid as the last one. Don't waste your time.
LV 1GameGeek14(2 years ago)