Cube Escape: The Lake

Cube Escape: The Lake is an creepy point and click adventure game with jumpscares and interesting storyline developed by RustyLake Studios
Cube Escape: The Lake has been developed by RustyLake Studios
You find yourself in what seams to be an abandoned cabin that holds a lot of secrets waiting to be revealed. Click around to interact with the environment, pick things up and use them to solve the mystery.
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Game Reviews

As much as I enjoyed, I had to give it a 4 due to the fact the being looks like something from the Deep sleep series, all in all, a pretty tidy and fun game.
LV 3RuRu(3 years ago)
Only intelligent people can appreciate involved games like these.
LV 5Geminate(3 years ago)
how the heck do I even start
LV 7ravenkiller(2 years ago)
Cube escape games are great. Another EPIC one. Scary, as always. Great play. Too short, though.
LV 1laranjabatuta(3 years ago)
LV 3luciernaga171(3 years ago)
The code for the other chest is 1487 ;D your welcome
LV 5DaAweSomeFreakz(2 years ago)
I solved it but what was the 2nd safe for?
LV 4Ewood28623(8 months ago)
Wait what about the other locked box?
LV 4Ewood28623(2 months ago)