Cube Escape: Seasons

Cube Escape: Seasons is an mysterious point and click adventure game with really creepy moments developed by RustyLake Studios
Cube Escape: Seasons has been developed by RustyLake Studios
Unfold the mysteries behind the black cubes in this point and click adventure game. Travel through your memories inside a friendly house with its share of secrets. Unlock the other memory cubes by creating a path between the cubes. Maybe it's not to late...
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Game Reviews

I swear to god... i wanted to cry when i beat this game... R.I.P time i will never get back
LV 8MyloveJoji(3 years ago)
There were some clever puzzles, but the ending? Not so much...
LV 6Joedub(3 years ago)
Those complaining about the ending just don't truly understand it. The whole game is a metaphor for life in general.
LV 4WolfofOdin(2 years ago)
I forgot how to loosen up the stove and how to water the plant in the Spring. >.<
LV 4Ewood28623(2 months ago)
Horrible. Just Horrible. I wish I can get my 5 mins back.
LV 1GameGeek14(3 years ago)