Cube Escape: Birthday

Cube Escape: Birthday is an the 7th part of the popular creepy point and click game, Cube Escape series developed by RustyLake Studios
Cube Escape: Birthday has been developed by RustyLake Studios
It's your 9th birthday and you and your family are having a wonderful time but everything it's about to change. A mysterious guest is going to join the party.
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Game Reviews

love this game
Great game! 5/5
interesting game
Best so far. Everything's really starting to connect. The only things I don't quite understand is who exactly Mr. Bunny was. I'm guessing he was a Corrupted Soul, but I don't see how killing a kid's entire family is going to help purify him. I also don't get how the grandfather remembered everything even though the parents didn't. Maybe the kid told him someone was coming to kill them in those short five seconds. Idk, lol. :P
blinks* the dude outside is creepy as hell
it loads slow but it