A Night in the Woods

A Night in the Woods is an 3d post apocalyptical scary game with disturbing mood developed by Amy Dentata
A Night in the Woods has been developed by Amy Dentata
A Night in the Woods is a first person experimental narrative driven game with an emphasis on the atmosphere. You're lost, cold, and need a place to sleep for the night. In order to survive the night you'll have to find a shelter and gather enough kindling to start a fire. But there's more going on than it seems.
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Game Reviews

The Best Of Vintage Tumblr Porn Edition lol that makes me laugh haahah
LV 14jprv47(4 years ago)
Was anyone else expecting a jumpscare at that long ramp/corridor?
LV 4RegalNocturne(4 years ago)
No jumpscares, but wandering alone at night is always creepy....^^; Was there a point or...?
LV 1Ammyeh(4 years ago)
All I like is the graphics. the movement is a bit weird but all in all, good game
LV 5Vc22(4 years ago)
I don't get it wats the point of the game buti like it but it was not scary.
LV 2latarius123(4 years ago)
its not working xD
LV 1swiftee(4 years ago)
Is there other people in this game or are you all alone?
LV 4Aspyn(4 years ago)
Kinda an interesting game. It makes you expect for a jump scare yet you get none... pretty much like a real life situation.
LV 4Kain897(4 years ago)
nice game hoped for it to be like Amnesia or slender but nice one
LV 1(4 years ago)
Natural horror game, very eerie and creepy. I loved it.
LV 4RedRosePrincess(4 years ago)