Mustached Driller

Mustached Driller is an casual and addictive mining flash game developed by In-Finity
Mustached Driller has been developed by In-Finity
Casual mining flash game where you have to search and collect minerals from deep underground. Use the minerals to purchase better equipment and dig deeper to find rarer ores.

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Game Reviews

heheheheh fun x3
LV 9irina(6 years ago)
I dont like it that much
LV 3taylor2741(6 years ago)
kinda like minecraft... but less mining and more mustache...
LV 6KingOfLimbo(6 years ago)
*plays for 5 mintues*me:I CANT FIND THE KEY!!!!!!!!! friend:.......... I CANT FIND IT EITHER!!!!!!me:AHH!!!!!!!!!!*flips chair over* NO RULES!!!!!! *parnets look at me ....... dad: you ok? me: NO I CANT FIND THE KEY! *dad goes and gets house key * me:-_- NOT WHAT I MEANT!!!!!!!!!!
LV 3taylor2741(6 years ago)