Coyote's Chase

Coyote's Chase is an funny 3d launch game with famous cartoon heroes developed by
Help the coyote to build the ultimate rocket so he can catch the Road Runner. Avoid the crazy roadblocks and make sure you collect every single item. When the race is over head to the Acme Laboratory to purchase upgrade your rocket and race the Road Runner more efficiently.
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Game Reviews

Great picture last thing awsome
LV 3DanteKing(5 years ago)
Wow these game is pretty fun. I made it to the Ice but it is not as hard it just takes awhile
LV 1Pieflavor2468(5 years ago)
yaaaaaahhhhoooo first to comment by the way awesome game liked it ^_~
LV 7saadmansuri(5 years ago)
pretty good game i'd give it an 8
LV 1EcIcE32(5 years ago)
hahahaha... i play freeze!!!
LV 5dante215(5 years ago)
dang game froze ughgughgughgughgughghgh
LV 3BloodKiss(5 years ago)
pretty good
LV 5vexa(5 years ago)
its very fuuny
LV 1Mohannad(5 years ago)
all in all this is a wonderful game. I love it. It is one of my favorite non-horror games. the sounds are just a bit redundant though.
LV 3Cheetah9898(5 years ago)
Screen just black for me.
LV 1WtfGuy(4 years ago)