Tower Solitaire

Tower Solitaire is an solitaire, tripeaks, cards developed by GlowingEyeGames
Tower Solitaire has been developed by GlowingEyeGames
Remove all the cards from the layout by clicking on the next card that is higher or lower in sequence. All cards must be used before the deck runs out. Get the highest scores and create the most towers.
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Game Reviews

uhh wondering what 'my monster' on profiles is..? anyone..?
i love how it tells me its rated teen
I like this game
love this game...
this is awesome
send this on 5 game comments then log off then log in then press f5 and you well get 1000 points
this game is soo much fun even thoughi hate these kind of games and i really think that this would be fun
what happened to original solitaire -.- this game is alright. Good for getting points though :D
Cool game. I like it. ^_^
good for points and fun
weird game huh
seems easier to lose than classic solitaire
Its so hhhhhhhaaaaaaaaaaarrrrrrrrrdddddd!!!!!!!But also so easy.
This game is so much fun and i also have the the highscore wat