Stop the Bus

Stop the Bus is an solitaire type of game developed by Crystal Squid
Stop the Bus has been developed by Crystal Squid
The aim is to score as close at 31 with 3 cards of a SINGLE SUIT, then stop the bus. Aces scores 11 and all picture cards score 10. You can also make 3 of a kind for 30 points. Be warned, whoever comes last loses a token!
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Game Reviews

If you like cards game you'll definitely love this one.
LV 5cacaman(6 years ago)
i dont like card games but after playing it multiple times i love it
LV 1(6 years ago)
Once you play this game you're hooked on it
LV 6Profiler_TinyOreo(6 years ago)
don't play this game its cheats truss me it does even on easy! >:(
LV 1(6 years ago)
difficult game
LV 8NaruBoy(6 years ago)
i love this game !
LV 8BourbonRose(6 years ago)
I like this one, but only bronze T_T need to target the gold..!!
LV 5RockMyDude(6 years ago)
It's addicting, but boy am I bad at it.
LV 12savvypirate(4 years ago)
it fine could be better
LV 7siren77(6 years ago)
:D yay great funnn
LV 4pancakefluffer(6 years ago)