A Team for the Job

A Team for the Job is an turn based fantasy card game with heroes developed by Storm Alligator
A Team for the Job has been developed by Storm Alligator
The King has a mission with a high reward but he will only select a team of adventurers that has a member of each one of the 5 classes in it. Will you gather a complete team before your opponent?
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Game Reviews

i think, there is no need for the story..it just like a xox game..i like this game...
LV 1accer15(5 years ago)
Its a very nice, simple time killer. If your´e bored and just want a strategy game, no long story or development, play this.
LV 1akasix(2 years ago)
I liked it very simple but needs a story :)
LV 1Ran9er(5 years ago)