Hare's Harvest

Hare's Harvest is an casual puzzle game with bunnies developed by Michael Cook
Hare's Harvest has been developed by Michael Cook
Feed Hare, our cute pixel bunny with as many carrots as possible. Use the rabbit holes to navigate through levels and make sure to avoid enemies such as foxes and farmers. Foxes chase on sight while the farmers shoots if they are facing our bunny.
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Game Reviews

LV 4vickitrom(4 years ago)
thats one way to put it lol
LV 4MrWolfe(4 years ago)
hmmm ok, dont really know what to say about it, fun? if you like rabbits, i guess lol
LV 4MrWolfe(4 years ago)
its ok if you like the challenging kind of games
LV 4angelangel9090(4 years ago)
its kinda fun add me
LV 716ettersand6number(4 years ago)
This game is all about bunnies... Thats why its boring.
LV 4Xtina(4 years ago)