Save the Cowboy

Save the Cowboy is an a casual bow shooting game with great graphics and gameplay developed by QKY GameStudio
Save the Cowboy has been developed by QKY GameStudio
Grab your trusty bow and let's save some cowboys! Point the bow in the right direction and aim to the rope but make sure not to kill the cowboy in the process. Interact with different elements to complete your task and make sure you have enough arrows to get your job done.
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Game Reviews

LV 3Ketchum(2 months ago)
right back at you
LV 1peytonhunter(6 months ago)
bored game
LV 2Lora(2 months ago)
Is this even a horror game? XD
LV 1ZzanezZ(2 months ago)
No Zane I don't think it's a horror game, it's comedy game! XD
LV 1Xaxaa(2 months ago)
good game
LV 1master57226(12 days ago)
1st one
LV 10FlynnRider(7 months ago)