What's Inside the Box

What's Inside the Box is an casual puzzle game to test your logic developed by Bart Bonte
What's Inside the Box has been developed by Bart Bonte
A fun and challenging puzzle based board game to test your logic. Can you solve all 30 puzzles and uncover the secret content of the box?
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Game Reviews

"what pisses people off? Hmm...Long, tricky, ointless games!"- Creator
LV 8MyloveJoji(2 years ago)
Pretty easy, don't know why people think its hard
LV 1Jayl061099(2 years ago)
Very good game and not difficult.
LV 5Geminate(2 years ago)
This is very hard...
LV 3NinjaFoxGamingGr(2 years ago)
Spoiler there is candy in the box
LV 5Scar986(2 years ago)