Hit the Troll

Hit the Troll is an funny physics based game with blocks developed by BePlayed
Hit the Troll has been developed by BePlayed
The objective in this funny physics based game is to knock down the troll face from the screen. Use different types of ball heroes to do it. Each hero has his own ability.
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Game Reviews

its funny when they changed there faces
new game. cool
had 1st place score. accidentally clicked my profile erasing score
troll always troll XD
They really are trolls...
first,VOTE UP!
This game is awesome and fun, I can't leave to play it xD
i alwys get stuck in d 2nd levl cn ny1 teme hw 2 clear it i noe dis is a stupid question....
ughh. I hate the fact that we have to wait until the ball either slows down completely or it isn't in the screen anymore. we should be able to grab our available balls whenever we want.
Beat the game finally! It was quite easier now. x3
Troll THta mofka troll
Dis game is difficult at first, but you can always solve it with a walkthrough o3o
Level 12 FFFUUUUUU D:<
This Game Is Just Too Good! :)