Sticky Blobs

Sticky Blobs is an cute puzzle physics flash game developed by Irina Solyanyk
Sticky Blobs has been developed by Irina Solyanyk, Sergey Synelnykov, Antonina Synelnikova & Rostyslav Dzikovsky
You and your squad of blobs have been sent on Earth to collect some precious items. Help them collect all the raspberries and head back o your Blobs Planet. To reach an raspberry you will have to spawn more blobs using your mouse. Make sure to collect all the golden stars for extra score.
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Wtf is up with these ads?
LV 5Ayami(5 years ago)
i didn't like it :(
LV 5Princess0Nour(5 years ago)
how can i have a high popularity???
LV 4meme123(5 years ago)
wew first to comment
LV 4meme123(5 years ago)