Xenocrate 2

Xenocrate 2, a freeware game developed by Gradient Circle Studio
Xenocrate 2 has been developed by Gradient Circle Studio
Xenocrate2 is a Breakout / Arkanoid style game. The game features 20 levels and multiple pickups for enhancement of paddle and ball effects. You can play alone or with your friend. You can also design your own map and share it with your friends.

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Game Reviews

hahahahahaha good game
Reminds me of Blasterball. Fun but annoying when you miss the ball.
loved it fun too play
reminds me of old times. simple but still hard.
funtastic and awsome
i want 1000 times comment in this game
awesome game, i've always loved games like this
cool!!!!!!! i look fun but hard
I love this game xD
i hate this game it such big pee pee