Go To Hell

Go To Hell, a freeware game developed by Witold Burkiewicz
Go To Hell has been developed by Witold Burkiewicz
Use your arrow keys to dig your way down, collect some coins and avoid enemies and too much water!
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Game Reviews

lol no wonder people always say "go to hell" great game
man, quite hard...
soo difficult but still i love it,,,!! <3 <3
This is a great game... i was going to hell
this is stupid
time to beat my old highscore
I wonder what does real hell look like
lol cute love the music!
can't stop playing it. at least 1 time a day. ;D
best game ever
My game froze
i love the concept of the game but its hard
I didn't know hell was only 666 meters underground.
how come there is a water in hell?