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Arcade Games

Learn To Fly, . This flash game has been developed by Light Bringer Learn To Fly arcade penguin launch upgrades animalcute Help the funny looking penguin learn to fly!

Night of 1000 or so..., . This flash game has been developed by Corus Entertainment Night of 1000 or so... arcade It's time for your annual zombie pumpkin fight. Help me, Lantern Jack defeat the marauding horde of 1000 or so zombies!

Particle Pong, . This flash game has been developed by Mark Fennell Particle Pong arcade Play Pong but with cool effects and particles. Score points when you create particle explosions. The more particles on screen the more points.

Dig to China, fun little digging flash game with upgrades and pixel graphics. This flash game has been developed by Octopodo Dig to China digging mining upgrades pixel arcade collect Cute little digging game with pixel graphics. Dig your way to China as fast as possible! Gather resources to buy upgrades and keep and eye on the timer. Dig as deep as you can while collecting as many resources as possible.

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