Mutant Alien Assault

Mutant Alien Assault is an frantic combat arena game with aliens and monsters developed by Chris Suffern
Mutant Alien Assault has been developed by Chris Suffern, Matthew Blankenship & Gershon Vivas
Your spaceship ran out of juice in the wrong place at the wrong time. The aliens found a way to board the ship and the only way to survive is to use the Hyperjump! Fuel your spaceship's reactor core and get out of there!
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Game Reviews

Too hectic to be fun.
LV 5Geminate(6 years ago)
The game is very addictive but is way too hard on challenging difficulty level. The bad news is that to unlock the SURVIVAL mode you have to unlock the first 3 levels on challenging! WTF!
LV 5cacaman(6 years ago)
LV 10Fighter(3 years ago)
LV 7DEADMAN(6 years ago)