Watermelon's Adventure

Watermelon's Adventure is an funny point and click adventure game developed by OK Interactive
Watermelon's Adventure has been developed by OK Interactive
After years of failed experiments our watermelon headed hero has finally completed the recipe for the Elixir of Life. Now he can finally sell the recipe and live the life he always wanted. Unfortunately for our hero, an evil witch has stolen his elixir for her own gain and must be tracked down to regain it.
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Game Reviews

rate 3 quality wasent good but good game
LV 5Tr1ckst3r(10 months ago)
dont like it
LV 12nightsblood(10 months ago)
Cool game :)
LV 8Gry1(5 years ago)
were do you find the money
LV 3cookiedoughkid(3 years ago)