The Prince Edward

The Prince Edward is an funny side-scrolling adventure game developed by BlackSquare
The Prince Edward has been developed by BlackSquare
Help our little prince to find a cure for his boredom. Explore the castle to find different items that could help you to play pranks on the inhabitants of the castle.
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Game Reviews

i got bored.
LV 1SerialKillress(5 years ago)
it was ok
LV 3dudekillu(5 years ago)
Dat derp face tho
LV 1KiwiSword(3 years ago)
rate 2 got bored myself
LV 5Tr1ckst3r(10 months ago)
This game is cool but i think is for little child.
LV 1BlondeGirl(4 years ago)
an interesting game lol :P
LV 5leaa01(4 years ago)
Finished it ^_^
LV 9DemonDuchess(5 years ago)
the best
LV 3abdallah12(5 years ago)