The Fog Fall Chapter 1

The Fog Fall Chapter 1, a freeware game developed by Mateusz Skutnik
The Fog Fall Chapter 1 has been developed by Mateusz Skutnik
Investigate the bomb shelter and try to get out.
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Game Reviews

it was just ok
Ooh, this looks good. is it any good? I don't care what freakin' place you got, numb nuts.
wat is major malfuction numbnuts shawnman
ppl can u write somthing good and say if the game is good or not i dont have a time 2 play it .and what is numb nuts??
gay ass mofo and im talkin 2 u shawman
kool game but it needed to be longer i finished it within 10 minutes :) I so smart lmao jk
im abot to play it, from the comments i heard its cool, i will write a great comment if ROCKS!
fun game just like fallout
A fun & challenging game with a good storyline :)
kind of challenging
10th not again this is the third time
wtf numb nuts... thats the gayest shit ive ever heard