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i cant play this gamern
kikal LV 9 (7 years ago)
wth i like ran from the thing and now im stuck in dark... i clicked help and it said "the exits right in front of you i think you did it." what happened?rn
queen2011betch LV 2 (7 years ago)
i can't play it dang
michealmyers LV 4 (6 years ago)
I cant get it to work!
sick LV 2 (6 years ago)
this game is Kinda booring nd i cant understand wut he's saying
Robeyluv LV 4 (6 years ago)
i can understand what he is saying!
wilmarie18 LV 4 (6 years ago)
it dont work this fucing sh!t
killa09 LV 3 (6 years ago)
it dont work
James145 LV 1 (6 years ago)
its stupid i didnt even play it cause it wanted my email address and they aint havin my email address..add me plz
AlexEatsGiraffes LV 3 (6 years ago)
GAY i cant even get into the game i put my e-mail and pass but it says it taken what the hell
sooph294 LV 4 (6 years ago)
this game is so boring i put in my e mail adress and it said taken like whats up wet thet add me add me pleace :0 :) ;|
chanchun LV 5 (6 years ago)
what is this stupid game! i cant get into it! IT SUX!
jenni700 LV 1 (5 years ago)
i don't understand what the guy at the telephone is saying !!!!!!
chakala93 LV 4 (5 years ago)
I con't even log in to play this f*cking game.
MrMapex LV 1 (3 years ago)
i cant get in to play it wont acept my e-mail and password
badgirl980 LV 3 (2 years ago)
dont know wat to say
alex LV 3 (7 years ago)
ant LV 6 (7 years ago)
this game is awsome!
ddyer3000 LV 3 (7 years ago)
this game is BOMB!!! im jus stuk on the whole "leav the rat over the pipe and maybe it will trigger the laser" thing the dude doesnt do it he keeps sayn thts not a gd idea. =( i think its a GREAT idearn
queen2011betch LV 2 (7 years ago)
cool games!
FoxSK8 LV 3 (7 years ago)
its cool i know it might be wierd for a girl to sat that but its cool
jess LV 2 (7 years ago)
the game dosnt scare u
allhatersmustdie LV 2 (6 years ago)
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